Get the Mastery Needed to Help Clients Manage Their Retirement Health Care Expenses

Savvy Medicare Planning will enable you to speak knowledgeably with clients and prospects about Medicare and health care financial planning. With our help, you will establish a niche for yourself based on unusual expertise that blends health care guidance with financial planning.

In addition to our educational resources, you will also benefit from our marketing resources. Use our workshops to reach out to pre-retirees who need to plan for health care before leaving the job; this will allow you to establish lucrative new relationships.

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A training program for advisors… education workshops for your clients.

Savvy Medicare Planning products

Advisor Education, Research and Tools

First Learn With Us, Then Guide Your Clients

Retirees need ongoing help managing health care costs. This turnkey program is designed to build your expertise and get you in front of clients and prospects.

Savvy Medicare Website Monitor

Subscriber-Only Website

A complete subscriber-only website gives you instant access to all the Savvy Medicare Planning for Boomers resources including presentation slides, notes, marketing materials, software and more.

FA Guide to Savvy Medicare

Financial Advisor’s Guide to Savvy Medicare Planning for Baby Boomers

A guide to all the major aspects of health care planning in retirement, designed to quickly get you up to speed on key Medicare planning issues.

100 Medicare Questions Answered

100 Medicare Questions Answered

Over the years, Elaine Floyd has answered over 1000 subscriber questions about nitty gritty Medicare details. Now the 100 most frequently asked and most useful questions—and their answers—are gathered in one volume, updated annually for changes.

Get Six (6) Continuing Education Credits (CFP)

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The Savvy Medicare Planning for Boomers program is registered for 6 CE credits for the CFP®.

Complete the on-demand webinar series and earn six CE credits from the Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards towards your biannual CFP license recertification.

Email Questions to the Expert

Savvy Medicare Q and A Monitor

Get your Medicare questions answered by Elaine Floyd, CFP®, program director

Elaine Floyd, CFP

Submit tough client case questions to Elaine through the Savvy Medicare website and special email address.

Stay Up to Date With Twice-Monthly eNewsletter

Savvy Medicare Newsletter

As a member, you will receive a twice-monthly newsletter from Elaine designed to continuously improve your expertise and knowledge base.

Newsletters cover:

  • Tips and insights on using the program
  • Links to new or updated resources added to program
  • Comments from advisors using Savvy Medicare
  • Questions of the week—answered
  • Links to relevant, new Medicare-related research
  • Links to important news and opinion

Everything You Need to Present Client Workshops

Savvy Medicare Planning PPT Slides

Your Savvy Medicare Planning for Boomers program includes four complete FINRA-reviewed presentations. These presentations are “Managing Health Care Expenses in Retirement: What Boomers Need to Know About Medicare and Long-Term Care” and “Affordable Care Act: How Will It Affect You, Your Family, and Your Business?”

“Managing Health Care Expenses in Retirement” comes with:

  • PowerPoint slides (64 slides)
  • Speaker notes (17 pages)
  • FINRA-reviewed, customizable postcard invitation
  • FINRA-reviewed marketing toolkit, includes workshop descriptions, brochure template, poster template, invitation template, and press release template

“30 Minutes on Medicare Basics” comes with:

  • PowerPoint slides (45 slides)
  • Speaker notes (11 pages)
  • FINRA-reviewed, customizable postcard invitation

“Transitioning to Medicare” comes with:

  • PowerPoint slides (42 slides)
  • Speaker notes (11 pages)
  • FINRA-reviewed, customizable postcard invitation

“Managing Health Care Expenses in Retirement for CPAs and Attorneys” comes with:

  • PowerPoint slides (64 slides)
  • Speaker notes (18 pages)
  • FINRA-reviewed, customizable postcard invitation
  • A complete guide to CPE credits, to facilitate the process of awarding CPE credit to CPAs. Includes guide, marketing flyer, certificate of completion and evaluation form.

Baby Boomer's Guide to Medicare

Client Handouts

The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Medicare

Send clients and prospects home from your workshop with a copy of this useful, personalized guide.


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